Current Systems are Inflexible, Expensive

The Mortgage Field Service Industry's current landscape is made up of "relational databases," which are highly structured and hard and expensive to change.

Simply adding a new field to a form takes hours, sometimes days by expensive software engineers and sends error-prone ripples through your code. Your core application becomes so bloated and complex that you resort to adding functionality via disparate products and then spend considerable resources just to manage their relationships. It is expensive and very complex. You cringe each time a client's request requires a system change--and bringing on a new client always requires huge resources.

You become limited by your technology.

FlexQue's Better Technologies

Technology should enable you. There is a better way...a much, much better way.

We incorporate the newer technology of a "document" database which gives you the flexibility to add or remove a field--in a couple of minutes--from any service you provide without the need of a software engineer. You can create an entirely new form in your FlexQue system in an hour or less, complete with field-by-field validation and deploy it to your app on mobile devices, ready to use--no software engineer required.

Another key technology in our systems is the ability to map out a workflow and rules for each form (or service.) These can be setup for each client/form/field value combination. This means that if Client A calls and demands that all first-time-vacants be sent to then each time your field rep submits a result on their mobile device from the field that is a first-time-vacant for Client A it automatically can be routed to This allows you to streamline operations, reduce costs, and elevate the service quality levels to all your clients.

Another factor is that inherent in our favorite technology stack is the fact that everything is written in one language from the browser to the database. In the relational database model there are typically four different languages to make a complete application. The result is that we are able to build a better system for less cost than the cost of building and inferior system.

What can FlexQue build for you?

We are expert developers who also have extensive Field Service Industry experience.

Technology Stack

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