Almost all systems used today by field service companies are based on a "relational database." These databases should be replaced by more flexible "document databases" such as the ones used by FlexQue. They are limited, not enabled, by their systems. Their systems are rigid, inflexible, and complex--and get worse with time.

As a result these field service companies become less responsive to their clients' needs because each change requires great resources and lots of time to resolve.

FlexQue's systems are built using new technologies that were developed in response to the limits of relational databases. Our systems enable you to be an industry leader in responsiveness to your clients' needs, in delivering quality, and in lowering IT costs.

The insurance industry uses many different forms for their services. You need a system designed from the ground up to handle multiple forms simultaneously--each with its own field-by-field validation down to the mobile app level. This is a key feature of a FlexQue customized system.

Need to make a change on an existing form? Do it with a non-techie in minutes--including pushing it to the field rep's mobile app.

Combine the power of form flexibility to the added power of a workflow and rules engine--again, techie not required--and you can respond immediately to any special handling requirements of any client for any form/field/value combination. You will gain confidence in your staff's ability to meet every one of your clients' needs every time.

FlexQue's technology will help you hold on to your clients and quickly bring on new ones.

We are expert developers who also have extensive Field Service Industry experience.

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