Your Needs and Objectives

You need technology that enables your business, that makes you look better than the competition.

You need to upgrade and consolidate legacy systems.

You want to reduce expenses and improve margins.

You want better control of gathering field data.

You need the best technology in the business.

You need more value from of your IT investments.

We have solutions to your objectives

Our Business Expertise

Our CEO, Steve Taylor, was a founding partner and former CEO of Spectrum Field Services where he was also Chairman of the Technology Committee for NAMFS when the inspection format was standardized. He later founded Source One Services, later acquired by First American as a core piece of eAppraisit, now CoreLogic.

Our Chief Technology Officer, Mike Underwood was also CTO at Spectrum, Source One, SiteCheck and a consultant to other field service providers.

We know business

Our Technology Expertise

New web technologies have created the greatest opportunity for technological advantage that we have seen in over a decade. Our favorite for service fulfillment systems is called the MEAN stack.

Have a client who needs you to add an additional field to your form--just for them? Have a clerk do it in five minutes--and the very next inspection performed will include it, just seconds seconds later. No techie required.

Have another service where a client needs special handling in one step of the process? Again, in minutes have your non-techie staff set the rule in a workflow engine and never worry about missing that client's special handling request going forward.

We know technology

Your Objectives....Our Expertise & Technology


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